Shaykh Abul Abbas Ahmad bin Ali Buni (Alayhir Rahmah) writes in his book, Shams al-Ma'arif wa Lata'if al-'Awarif: "Whoever writes


بــســــم الله الــــرحــمــن الــرحــيــم


130 times (or gets it written from someone) on 1st Muharram al-Haraam and keeps this with him (or put on it after plastic coating or sewing in some cloth, or leather), he and all of his family members will remain safe from every type of evil throughout their life." [Shams al-Ma'arif, Page 74]


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Note: Write using permanent ink and it is not necessary to put diacritical marks. Furthermore, it is a principle of writing a Ta’weez that when writing a certain Ayah or a certain text, the circle of every circle-containing letters should remain open. Therefore, leave the circles of Haa (ه) and all the three Meem (م) open.