On the Day of Qiyamah, there would be such great abundance of mercies and favors, yet there will be some who will exercise the lack of it. It is recorded in the Hadith Sharif that a person will be ordered to go to Jannah. He will want to go but the one who will demand his right will stop him. This person will say, “Oh Allah! Grant me my rights from this brother of mine.” Allah will order all the good deeds of the person to be given to fulfill the complainant’s rights. Though all the good deeds will be given, but the rights will not be fulfilled.


However, the complainant will again demand his rights. Allah will order all the bad deeds of the complainant to be put on the accused for repayment. This will be done, but the rights will still not be fulfilled. The complainant will again demand his rights from his fellow Muslim brother whereupon Allah will say, “You were given all his good deeds and all your bad deeds were loaded upon him. Now what does he have for you to take?” The complainant will still persist, “Oh Allah! Grant me the balance of my rights.”


Almighty Allah will order the Angels to elaborately decorate a Palace and bring it forward from Jannah. Everyone will be astonished by it’s splendor and beauty. Allah will then say, “I am selling this Palace. Is there anyone to buy it?” The complainant will say, “Oh My Lord! Who has the wealth to buy this?” Allah will reply, “But you have the value!” He will say in amazement, “And what is that my Lord?” The command will be, “The price is to pardon your brother, hold his hand and go to Jannah.” [At-Targhib wat-Tarhib, Vol. 3, Page 247, Hadith 3768]