Gems of Wisdom by Ameer al-Mu'mineen
Sayyiduna 'Umar al-Farooq Radi Allahu Ta'ala Anho

1.        That family man who is poverty stricken but is patient

2.        That women with whom her husband is happy and accepting.

3.        That woman who forgives he husband’s duty of Mehr (Dowry approved by Muslim law)

4.        That person with whom his parents are Happy

5.        And that person who honestly repents from his sins

1.        To make Salam (greeting)

2.        To make space for a person in a gathering

3.        To address a person in a respectable and good manner

1.        Regret that spans over a day e.g. When a person leaves his home without eating.

2.        Regret that spans over a year, just like the negligence shown when cultivating.

3.        Regret that spans over a lifetime, when a man and his wife are unsuited to each other.

4.        Regret that is eternal, which is when your Creator is unhappy with you.

1.        Successful: he who listens to the advice of people and ponders over it.

2.        Lazy or Lethargic: he who does what he wants without consultation or advice of people.

3.        Corpse: who neither gives nor listens to advice and consolation.

— — —
Compiled by
Imam Ahmad Raza Academy