Following is an Eye Opener Preface of the famous Book "Bahar-e-Shabab" by Hadrat Allama Mawlana Shaykh Abd al-Aleem Siddiqui Qadiri Meerathi (Khalifa of Sayyiduna AlaHadrat Imam Ahmad Rida Khan Qadiri) written with extreme sincerity and honest concern towards to the youth of entire Islamic Ummah. A must must must read Book and specially the Preface! Hope you will read it yourself and share it with your contacts as well... JazakALLAH in Anticipation!

ALLAH SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala has blessed humankind with numerous powers and His (SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala) Wisdom has equipped man with the knowledge of using it. Although the Creator has given such knowledge to animals, there is a unique difference between humans and animals. Since humankind is the highest order of creation, the Creator has therefore blessed it with a special faculty of knowledge that makes it superior to other creation. ALLAH has equipped the human beings to use this knowledge creatively and also enhance it tremendously. Such ability is not found in the animal kingdom.

Nowadays, claims are made that man is advancing very rapidly and will soon reach the peak of perfection. Manís advancements in technology, science, chemistry, discoveries, etc. has created a new dimension in this world. His speed of advancement is reaching the once untouchable frontiers of the Universe. His scientific advancement in technology is accomplishing that work in minutes which the physical hand could not do a hundred of years ago. The feet required years of laborious effort to cover distances while modern technology covers that in hours. In this scientific era, a train, a car and an aeroplane can traverse the globe in a matter of hours while in the past this was not physically possible. What the physical ears and eyes could hear was limited but today modern technology can hear and see objects millions of miles away. Televisions, telephones, telescopes, and wireless communications can capture images and sounds in a split of a second from the far and wide corners of the universe while some years ago this was regarded as impossible.

People generally regarded this as an incredible achievement for mankind. But if one carefully ponders over these special abilities and knowledge on which the West relies for its survival, then certainly, one will reach the conclusion that day by day man is not progressing, but in fact regressing. It is possible that one may refute this assumption by presenting proofs of manís progress to the contribution of humanity. However, manís special skills have also led to his destruction e.g. numerous types of drugs are researched and manufactured to protect and enhance these special skills of man. But these proofs are actually delusions which can be understood with a little thought.

The increase in numbers of an entity does not prove the increase of advancement or progress of that entity. A correct conclusion can be achieved after pondering carefully at all factors. For example, 200 years ago in a community of 100 thousand people, within 10 years it was found that there was an increase of 10 thousand perfectly healthy and strong people amongst them. On the contrary, nowadays there is not such a high rate of increase of healthy people in communities. In fact in a community of 100 thousand people, one will find the rate of a maximum of 20 or 25 thousand and that too, most of them are weak, sick and disable. Now would you sincerely classify this as an increase or decrease? Excessive sickness, weak physique and decrease in productivity abnormal to natural growth rate clearly proves that the productive sperm or special powers of the humankind were not only hindered in progress but also not protected as it should have been, otherwise such a situation would not have prevailed.

If a single seed is planted in the correct season and environment and cared for strictly according to the rules of cultivation, then there is a great hope of a healthy harvest. But if the same seed is unsystematically cultivated certainly there will be no seedling, crop or harvest. If by chance such seeds do sprout, then the crop will not be healthy and if by chance the crop is healthy and produces fruit, then this fruit will certainly not be healthy with a high rating quality.

The same applies to the seed of the human (sperm) when it is haphazardly thrown on infertile or polluted places or illegitimately planted. The end result of such transaction will indeed produce disastrous and non-progressive societies. There is no shortage of doctors and medications, yet there is a huge population of sick people seeking medical assistance. The situation of treatment and medication is similar to patching a hole with an old feeble piece of cloth to hide the hole or constantly topping oil in an engine with blown rings and bearings just to carry on moving. It is therefore most important on all sensible persons for the sake of salvation and protecting the real essence of man to formulate methods of correctly utilizing its special powers blessed by its Creator, ALLAH SubHanuhu wa Ta'ala.

وَاحْفَظْ مَنِيُكَ مَااسْتَطَعْتَ فَاِنَّهُ
مَاءُ الحَيوةِ يراقَ فيِ الاَرْحَامِ
Protect your sperm as much as you can for verily,
It is the water of life stored in the delicate womb.

By the virtue of my personal experience, I can safely say that if 100 sick young male and female come to me, I will find 99 of them suffering from the weakness of the same essence (sperm). Certain medications do tone and give it strength; and a prop offers help to one with a broken hip, but this provides short term help to the disturbed or contaminated real essence and characteristic of man. This short term help also depends on the extent of damage.

But as far as the concept of protecting and serving the purity of the human race is concerned, this is not possible by medication or instruments. In fact, in these disturbed times, the lives of people become senseless and bewildered when they correctly or incorrectly use their special powers. Thus, the theory of ďAdolescence is MadnessĒ comes to mind. The earnest contribution of an intelligent physician is that he, on the one hand, wisely treats his patients professionally and, on the other hand, inculcates moral ethics in the minds of the youth who are entangled in the stormy oceans of lust and temptations of adolescence. Always build a protective wall around a spring to contain and protect it so that everyone can benefit from its nourishment otherwise its water will go to waste. No matter how severe the storm of the ocean, a well trained pilot will steer his ship safely through it. If a river is controlled and channeled correctly, it will irrigate and nourish the lands with new life, but an unprotected river in a storm will burst its banks and destroy everything in its path like a wild animal on rampage.

In this modern age many Ministries (e.g. Health) are researching and formulating methods and chemicals to combat diseases and spending millions to achieve this. Every municipality is loaded with files of problems and thousand of workers and specialist are employed to solve them. But, is there any ministry or municipality of any country in the world that is concerned about the security and correct usage of the essence of man and the protection of its misuses? Are any governments of the worlds concerned about the contamination and sickness that are spreading because of the misuse of this divinely misused essence? Which country in the world is struggling to rectify or stop the corruption of abuse of the core of humankind that is destroying nations and threatening its future generations?

But alas! The think-tanks of governments are totally ignorant or careless of this important reality. A true and sincere person will be concerned and cry tears of blood when he sees the destruction of a nation and its youth. The reader will find the drops of these same tears of blood scattered in the contents of this book and this is my first step in the service of the present day youth and its future generation. The pages of this book are no illusions or fantasies nor are they theory or medical prescriptions or speculations of lawmakers and theories of scientists. They are sincere words from the depths of the heart soaked in pain and concern for the youth of the world.

May my words through the Lord of the Universe have a profound impact on the hearts of humankind. Oh Merciful ALLAH! Let these words be source of guidance for all those who are astray from Your righteous path... Aameen!!
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Extracted from: Bahar-e-Shabab
by Shah 'Abd al-'Aleem Siddiqui Meeruthi

Translation: Shaykh Abd al Hadi al Qadiri Radawi